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Considerations for GBV service providers when requested to provide GBV case management - to women and girls experiencing IPV - in a detention or prison setting

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This guidance note has been generated in response to a request for practical guidance to GBV caseworkers in the Latin America region who have been asked to support women in detention settings and prisons who have experienced intimate partner violence (IPV) and who continue to be at risk of intimate partner violence whilst in detention/prison and upon release from detention/prison. This publication is likely, however, to have wider benefit to GBV caseworkers working in other humanitarian settings. The paper begins with an explanation of the key terminology and definitions, goes on to explore the experiences of women and girls in detention who are impacted by IPV, explores some of the ethical considerations of providing case management to an IPV survivor in detention and concludes with key actions that can support the safety of a survivor in detention, as they prepare for release from detention and post-release. An illustrative case study and a reference list are also included.

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