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Lorraine Wapling

Photo of Lorraine Wapling
Job title
SDDirect Team

Lorraine has twenty years’ experience working in the development sector focusing in particular on the promotion of disability inclusive development from a human rights perspective. She has worked with a wide selection of international NGOs and donor agencies, in particular focusing on empowering disabled people and promoting disability inclusive practices.

Lorraine was embedded in DFID’s policy and research department as their disability specialist for several years, helping to lay the foundations for DFID’s current disability framework. She has sector experience in education, social protection, livelihoods and employment, rights and capacity building, health, water and sanitation, and HIV; along with technical experience in qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis; participatory research approaches; barrier analysis; disability awareness training and inclusive budgeting. Most recently Lorraine has been working with DFID’s Girls’ Education Challenge programme as a Senior Technical Lead on disability inclusion and is carrying out ground-breaking research on disability and learning outcomes using disability disaggregated data.

Lorraine has been working closely with Social Development Direct as a Senior Disability Expert for the Disability Inclusion Helpdesk since it was set up in 2019. In this role she has provided a series of short disability awareness training sessions with a range of DFID teams, given technical guidance in one-to-one sessions and via contributions to briefing notes and evidence papers and assisted in reviewing large DFID programmes in Africa.