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Our Values and Partnership Principles

SDDirect strives to be guided by our vision, mission and core values in everything we do.




Social justice

We put gender equality and social inclusion at the heart of everything we do. We strive for a more just, inclusive and sustainable world where everyone can realise their human rights and participate fully in social, economic and political life. Our values and work is in line with the principles of feminism and racial justice.


Empowering people

Diversity is a source of strength. We are committed to advancing inclusion, diversity and racial justice, both inside and outside our organisation. We foster a work culture that supports well-being and enables people to maximise their potential.



Partnership based on mutual respect and shared purpose is central to our mission. Together with allies working for gender equality and social inclusion around the world, we aim to build more equitable partnerships that challenge global power imbalances and inequality.


Professional excellence

Our commitment to impact in social development is underpinned by the expertise and professionalism of our team. We promote continuous learning and improvement to provide best in class advice, management and innovation in all of our professional engagements.


Trust and integrity

Relationships of trust are fundamental to the way we work. We build trust by nurturing a culture of openness, inclusive dialogue, respect and accountability. We hold ourselves and partners to the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct, non-discrimination and safeguarding.


Passion and courage

We are passionate about social justice and courageous in our commitment to gender equality and social inclusion, even when this requires us to ask hard questions or face challenging situations. However difficult the context, we approach our work with enthusiasm and resilience.



Achieving a just and equal world founded on gender equality and social inclusion.



To achieve sustainable impact in gender equality and social inclusion by working with partners to advance policies, laws, social norms and institutions that work for everyone.

We do this by:

Partnering with civil society, the private sector, multilateral institutions and governments.
Providing long-term technical advice to donors and implementing agencies.
Running demand-led technical helpdesks for policymakers and practitioners.
Designing and delivering research, reviews, monitoring and evaluations.
Designing, leading and directly delivering programmes which create a lasting, positive impact in the societies and communities we work with and for.


Our Partnership Principles 


A locally led approach to development is more effective, ethical and sustainable. High quality partnerships founded on shared values enable us to create long-lasting impact.

Our five core partnership objectives are: